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The 7 common features of successful websites

  Success does not happen by accident, it comes from hard work, knowledge, insight and experimentation. In the case of websites there are almost a billion websites live (866k) in July 2014, the billion mark will probably be reached by … Continue reading

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Mass advertising to direct response.

To talk to consumers, you used to stick an ad on TV, in one of the main mags, on maybe a few radio stations, a shotgun effort informed by some pretty rudimentary demographic data. Then we migrated to the web, … Continue reading

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Unheralded visionaries unite.

Very few people have heard of Douglas Engelbart, who died on July 4, but it was he that thought up much of the stuff we accept as normal, every day tools and devices. His relative obscurity is in stark contrast … Continue reading

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While writing the future proofing of marketing post recently , it also occurred to me that we have a generation of kids now becoming serious adults who have grown up immersed in the web 2.0. They are a different breed, … Continue reading

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Big Brother CAN watch.

Privacy has been, and remains a key concern in relation to the use of the net, and particularly Social Media. Every time you log on you leave a trail, and as we increasingly log on with mobile devices, the data … Continue reading

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3 simple Powerpoint tips for Christmas

¬†Everybody, well almost everybody, uses Powerpoint. Some use it well, many use it poorly, and some are just appalling. We have all sat through that presentation by somebody we thought had something to say, and they said it all on … Continue reading

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An Apple supply chain pivot?

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO has just come out and announced that Apple will restart manufacturing in the US, starting with an unnamed Mac computer model, some time in the near future. The driver of “offshoring” to sources of cheap … Continue reading

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