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The value curve

As a young marketing graduate in the 70’s I was given a scholarship to attend  an intensive marketing management program in Boston, run by Harvard professor Jim Hagler. He changed my life. One of the many things he rumbled to … Continue reading

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Sydney Harvest

The produce branding model used by the agricultural so called marketing programs run by industry bodies all  fail the basic test of being consumer centric. Generally they are retailer centric, using grower levies to fund discounts, and sometimes display space, … Continue reading

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Value transformation in agriculture

The agricultural supply chain that has dominated the way we get our food has evolved as a fragmented, opaque series of transactions that occur to fill the gap between the producer and the consumer. Many of these transactions add no … Continue reading

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Customer driven demand chain rebirth

It is pretty trite to point out, again, that the reason businesses survive is to satisfy customers. In fresh produce markets, this has been pretty much forgotten as the share of the consumers dollar that ends up in the farmers … Continue reading

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Crying for a Lean agricultural demand chain

Lean thinking, evolving from the Toyota Production System is changing manufacturing world, but agriculture has a long way to go. Just as building cars used to be a production oriented operation until Toyota turned it on its head, so too … Continue reading

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Price taker to market maker

  I talk to  a lot of farmers, and have done so for a long time. Not much has changed over that time, it is just that there are less farmers, bigger farms, and corporatised farming, with deep capital resources … Continue reading

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The forest or the tree.?

Can’t see the forest for the trees!. This is a pretty common expression, almost a cliché observing that the pressure of the detail overcomes the view of the whole. However, a tree is a part of the foundation of the … Continue reading

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