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Heston Vs Jamie, a retail bunfight.

  It is fascinating to watch the evolution of the marketing of the two retail gorillas, Coles and Woolworths. It is clear what they are doing, setting out to engage consumers with the freshness, range and provenance of their produce, … Continue reading

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Consumers and FMCG retail control

Retail has changed, very quickly and in a fundamental way, but not for everyone. Retailers, the blokes with the bricks and mortar still hold sway in most markets, but to varying degrees, and can continue to do so if they … Continue reading

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“Collective clarity” and “alignment” are different beasts

In some circumstances, “collective clarity” may be a synonym for alignment, but in others it is an entirely different beast. ¬†Currently I am involved in a project that aims to bring together a small group of specialist growers and retailers … Continue reading

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Value transformation in agriculture

The agricultural supply chain that has dominated the way we get our food has evolved as a fragmented, opaque series of transactions that occur to fill the gap between the producer and the consumer. Many of these transactions add no … Continue reading

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The semantic disruption of Agriculture

The success of the last 250 years in western economies is based on the economies of scale. Harnessing technology to deliver greater productivity per unit of input, capital, labour, and raw material. All industries have been disrupted from the cottage … Continue reading

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3 foundations of demand chain success

¬† Creating a demand chain out of an environment forged by a competitive and opaque supply chain mentality is no small task. This change is particularly challenging in agriculture where there is considerable regulatory and interest group oversight and thousands … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a demand chain.

¬† This is a far longer post than normal, motivated by some very sensible feedback from the previous post. Bear with me. The “tools” that add value to management of any supply chain, playing a role in the transformation into … Continue reading

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