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Native advertising or news fraud

Last night Media Watch on the ABC did a piece on the “news report” done on one of the 6.30 current affairs programs on a commercial station. The “report” was a 15 minute advertising free  expose on the sourcing of … Continue reading

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Risk and A/B testing

As a marketer, I am fairly left brain oriented, some may say flakey and opinionated, and I have done well with that for many years. Here is the paradox. You can now test just about everything if you try hard … Continue reading

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Have we lost it?

Until I was about 10 years old, I lived in a little cottage at North Avalon, and used to walk to primary school through the sandhills, along the beach, then to  school, and back. It sometimes took longer than it … Continue reading

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Give Charman Stone a medal.

The decision by the federal Government not to support SPC  last week has opened a can of worms. This time, the worms have some grunt, as the head worm, Charman Stone has shone a light into the corners of the … Continue reading

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“Pitching” increases the stakes

Had an interesting debate at a conference a short time ago, something that I think makes a big difference, but is not usually considered, at least in my experience. The debate was the merits of pitching Vs what I call … Continue reading

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Sydney Harvest

The produce branding model used by the agricultural so called marketing programs run by industry bodies all  fail the basic test of being consumer centric. Generally they are retailer centric, using grower levies to fund discounts, and sometimes display space, … Continue reading

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The semantic disruption of Agriculture

The success of the last 250 years in western economies is based on the economies of scale. Harnessing technology to deliver greater productivity per unit of input, capital, labour, and raw material. All industries have been disrupted from the cottage … Continue reading

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Price taker to market maker

  I talk to  a lot of farmers, and have done so for a long time. Not much has changed over that time, it is just that there are less farmers, bigger farms, and corporatised farming, with deep capital resources … Continue reading

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5 rules for FMCG category marketing

I am old enough to remember doing warehouse withdrawals by hand. Heavens. Then we had early data managers automate the process, an evolution that pottered on for 25 years, through  to category management based on scan data, some of which … Continue reading

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Seeing the real cause

How often do we get sidetracked by several possible causes of an adverse or unexpected outcome? In the course of doing a fair bit of process improvement work over the years, one of the really successful strategies I have used … Continue reading

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Ethical sourcing. Cost or marketing investment?

Why are we so hung up about ethical sourcing of coffee?? What about the electronics industry, and shoes, rare earth minerals, and many others? Who bears the responsibility for the conditions of workers in the supply chains of successful businesses.? Apple … Continue reading

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Category management steroids

Data mining as it is evolving in retail is a fascinating exercise in identifying behavior characteristics that apply to very small percentages of the shopper population, and doing something with them. Progressively retailers are getting better at leveraging the data, … Continue reading

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Death of an industry

Last week speaking to a gathering, I told the group that Australia was now a net importer of food with a $2.7 billion deficit in 2010-2011, according to the AFGC State of the Nation report . Utter disbelief was the … Continue reading

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Value chain sustainability.

The word sustainable holds connotations of farming practices, and environmental sensitivity, all true, but only half the story. A sustainable chain must also be commercially sustainable, and one without the other is by definition, unsustainable. The characteristic that drive both … Continue reading

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Encouraging evolution protects against revolution.

Evolution happens in most circumstances in the absence of strong ‘anti-evolution” measures, and often even then, generally there is stuff happening at the fringes. However, rigid barriers hold back change, until like the boy in the dyke, you run out … Continue reading

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Challenges of Produce Marketers

Produce marketers are not all that different to most FMCG marketers, except that the power of the retailer in produce categories is magnified by the total lack of proprietary branding, effectively insulating the consumer from the producer, making brand building … Continue reading

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Margins Vs R.O.F.E. for retail

Retailing is under pressure, all the established retailers are suffering declines in profitability, and the media is full of retail CEO’s  bemoaning the eroding margins.  Australians appetite for flat screen TV’s over the last couple of years were is amazing, … Continue reading

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Human costs of innovation.

In the December 2011 quarter, Apple made  $13 billion in profits, an extraordinary figure, 3 billion more than the revenue of Google in the quarter. Apple is an innovation machine, making it so is the legacy of Steve Jobs. However, there is … Continue reading

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Assistance hypocrisy

The Federal Government is regularly blackmailed into providing assistance for the Australian car making industry, hundreds of millions on the basis that the industry is strategically important. The real reason is the political poison that closure of a plant causes, … Continue reading

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What next for the Woolies/Coles stoush.

Woolworths and Coles price and promotion strategies are often  shaped by what happens in the UK, as there is a history of successful imitation in Australia. The resurgence of Coles has taken the initiative from Woolworths, and the short term … Continue reading

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