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6 challenges (and 3 rules) of content creation

The single biggest stumbling block I see to successful digital marketing is not the technology, or the money, desire, or need, it is simply the unwillingness or inability to create relevant, engaging content of value that suits the context in … Continue reading

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Sales funnel revisited as a purchase funnel

  The “sales funnel” is a pretty familiar diagram, it has been around for a long time, simply because it makes sense, at least it did to sales people. To their customer prospects, there is a level of antipathy to … Continue reading

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The value curve

As a young marketing graduate in the 70’s I was given a scholarship to attend¬† an intensive marketing management program in Boston, run by Harvard professor Jim Hagler. He changed my life. One of the many things he rumbled to … Continue reading

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Contrarian strategy

The complexity of the world these days demands an approach to strategy that is counter intuitive, perhaps even a contrarian approach to the accepted best practice. For decades managers have sweated and planned, and set out to execute, just to … Continue reading

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Content marketing story

    “Content marketing ” is no more than a new buzzword to try and build interest in the stuff we marketers have always been doing, telling stories, and creating a context in which the stories we tell will be … Continue reading

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Conferences are for marketing.

  Few things are more important than how we feed ourselves, and get access to clean water. Without these, our species will not survive,¬† our numbers are increasing rapidly, as the resources of the planet, particularly available water, are being … Continue reading

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Content marketing, and marketing content

  Have you created the best content you can, original, insightful, and engaging, that demonstrates your domain knowledge, but it goes nowhere? No impact, no interest, even your friends do not read it. It is a bit like throwing a … Continue reading

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