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You can’t test everything

Web based A/B testing goes a long way towards eliminating dumb mistakes, making the best choice, creating a discipline around innovative activity, and encouraging change, and has been made far easier in a whole range of areas by the data … Continue reading

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Correlation or causality

Just because two things correlate, does not necessarily mean that there is cause and effect at work. Imagine you  have just launched a new product backed by a great TV ad, and sales exceed forecast by a factor of 5. … Continue reading

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Marketing is a verb!

A Verb,  a word that is something that describes an action, like work, run, achieve, but often, unfortunately when marketing is the topic of conversation, words such as complicate, confuse, dodge, unmeasurable, and such can be added.  Seth Godin sees marketing … Continue reading

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The purpose of advertising.

“Advertising is what you do when you cannot get there in person” This has been a pretty regularly heard quote over my 40 years in this business, attributed to Fairfax Cone, one of the founders of Foote Cone & Belding … Continue reading

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