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Native advertising or news fraud

Last night Media Watch on the ABC did a piece on the “news report” done on one of the 6.30 current affairs programs on a commercial station. The “report” was a 15 minute advertising free¬† expose on the sourcing of … Continue reading

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5 ways small retailers avoid failure

Small retailers see themselves as under siege, and many just hunker down and work harder to survive, for many, it is too hard. For those that survive, some are doing really well, and there seems to be a few common … Continue reading

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Sales funnel revisited as a purchase funnel

  The “sales funnel” is a pretty familiar diagram, it has been around for a long time, simply because it makes sense, at least it did to sales people. To their customer prospects, there is a level of antipathy to … Continue reading

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Heston Vs Jamie, a retail bunfight.

  It is fascinating to watch the evolution of the marketing of the two retail gorillas, Coles and Woolworths. It is clear what they are doing, setting out to engage consumers with the freshness, range and provenance of their produce, … Continue reading

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Conferences are for marketing.

  Few things are more important than how we feed ourselves, and get access to clean water. Without these, our species will not survive,¬† our numbers are increasing rapidly, as the resources of the planet, particularly available water, are being … Continue reading

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What matters?

  One of the most common questions I get is how you get away from competing on price. A couple of things are common in the situation that leads to the question: Someone else has control of the value chain. … Continue reading

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10 rules for small retailers to out-compete chains

Chain stores dominate our grocery shopping environment, they have developed all the advantages of scale, and use them to the advantage of their shareholders, by delivering returns, and to customers by delivering low prices. The model works, in Australia 75% … Continue reading

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