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2014, better or different

Its the  new year, 2014, January 6 to be exact, and I have been ruminating on the “List” every blogger accumulates and publishes early in January in the hope that they get noticed, and build some momentum for the year. All … Continue reading

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The strategy cliché, and 5 questions.

For perhaps the 1,000th time last week I heard the “strategy” question asked. It comes in many forms: What is your customer strategy? What is your google strategy? What is your social media strategy? and so on. All are valid … Continue reading

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Design thinking: wasted hype?

Perhaps unfortunately I was on the receiving end of a rant about design thinking last week. It was a  passionate, articulate, and informed rant, but a rant nevertheless. There is no doubt in my mind that design thinking is a … Continue reading

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Simplifying innovation

Innovation takes up a lot of my time, and whilst successfully bring a new product to market is a huge task, challenging as it does all sorts of personal, organisational and financial barriers, it can nevertheless be broken down into … Continue reading

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Strategy: Where to, not coming from.

  One of the most famous photos ever taken, above, is of the 29 Participants in the 1927 Solvay Physics conference. The astonishing thing is that of the 29, 17 were  Nobel prize winners, lauded busy people, so how did … Continue reading

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R&D portfolio metaphor

Yesterday, watching a bee that had snuck in my office window trying to get out, I was reminded of a simple fact that to my mind is a great metaphor. Put a few bees in a bottle, and point the … Continue reading

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The “Duck” story for 2013.

How often have I heard the phrase ” he needs to get his ducks in a row before he can progress”, or some variation thereof. Often, and most recently yesterday, as a reason that less than expected progress had been … Continue reading

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