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6 strategies to be successful, in everything

  In life, and all its aspects, business, social , relationships, there are no shortcuts, just easier and simpler ways of doing things. It is just that it takes time and effort to find the easier, more productive, and value … Continue reading

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2 tools SME’s have to have

  Most SME’s I see are run by a single person, without the benefit of any sort of advisory board beyond those with whom he/she has dinner sometimes, when they get the time. The hats they wear  make Josephs coat … Continue reading

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7 parameters of a C21 marketing scorecard

Developing metrics to measure the impact and ROI of marketing is becoming a game of choice around competent boardroom tables. Given the level of marketing engagement around many of those tables, it seems sensible for marketers to take the initiative. … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it is just a cigar

The photo of Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann smoking a cigar just before the budget has raised temperatures in all sorts of places. I wonder why?  After all, it is just a cigar. Some are annoyed that they seem to … Continue reading

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6 Steps in Managing Serendipity

“Serendipity” .  Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Websters Dictionary. My old Dad used to say “Son, the harder I work, the luckier I get” and it has usually worked … Continue reading

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How to build a personal brand

Personal branding seems to be a popular topic around the pub, even the brickie who lives a few streets away, and is not known for his new age sensitivities, has got a hold of it. It is not new, Julius … Continue reading

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Managements single greatest failure

Many years ago, pre-digital,  I gave time to a sales rep who rang up and promised to bring in some samples of brand new products from Europe that had changed the dynamics of the market segments they were in. I … Continue reading

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One final test.

“If this was your money, would you invest it this way”. This question worked well for many years as a corporate executive, asking the question of those who reported to me about the projects for which they were seeking support. … Continue reading

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Three steps to agreement

    Peoples reaction to a question, choice, or situation is always coloured by their experience, education, background, and a myriad of other qualitative factors. Where there is a divergence of views, it can become heated, as people invest emotionally … Continue reading

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New age entrepreneurs

There are now so many one person businesses emerging,  SME’s that employ no-one on a full time basis, but call  on contractors and specialists when necessary, that I think we need a new term: “Solepreneurs”. They are often entrepreneurs, but … Continue reading

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Algorithms are the new gatekeepers

  There have always been gatekeepers, those people who make the decisions about what you see, what you have the opportunity to buy, and weather or not you can participate. The supermarket buyer determines what goes on the shelves, a … Continue reading

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The old duck metaphor.

A story on myself. I am in the middle of a small project that requires considerable collaboration amongst people not used to collaborating. Always challenging. In a conversation over the weekend with an old mate, wise in the ways of … Continue reading

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Digital freedoms.

Digital technology has offered all of us an astounding range of opportunities to challenge and interact with our social environment, creating as we go. Gary Hamel has summarised them into a “5 C” list,: Contribution Connection Creation Choice Challenge. You … Continue reading

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Narcissistic branding and politics

Spending marketing resources to build a brand all about you when nobody will really care, is about the ultimate in narcissistic behavior. Narcissism “noun. Excessive interest in, or admiration of oneself and ones physical appearance” Oxford. Branding professional know that … Continue reading

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Anti-social media

  “We just clicked” It’s an old expression to describe the situation where you meet someone, and find a lot to talk about, mutual interests, and an immediate comfort in each others company for some reason. In the digital world, … Continue reading

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Unplug, or just get some balance.

Yesterday walking to a train station in an unfamiliar part of Sydney, I asked directions of a “40-ish” bloke, making the mistake of not realising he had the plugs in, and was completely unaware of anything around him, including me. … Continue reading

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Fire yourself.

Small business owners work harder, and often take home less than their employed peers. I see this all the time, again and again, in all sorts of contexts. Ever wondered why? In my experience, most go into business because they … Continue reading

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The “Twitter Pitch”

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) famously said “I do not have time to write you a short letter, so I have written you a long one”. This statement is a pitch for twitter 100 years before it was conceived, as the … Continue reading

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Relationships, not transactions.

“Relationships” is just a word used to describe the web of give and take that binds people together over time. A transaction can take place without a relationship of any sort. However, a series of transactions that require choices to … Continue reading

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3 simple Powerpoint tips for Christmas

 Everybody, well almost everybody, uses Powerpoint. Some use it well, many use it poorly, and some are just appalling. We have all sat through that presentation by somebody we thought had something to say, and they said it all on … Continue reading

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