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4 point strategic rural reality check

There is plenty in the press about the role agriculture will play in the post mining boom era. “Asia’s foodbowl” and other such optimistic clichés get front page coverage. I have been sitting in Armidale (NSW) for a few days, … Continue reading

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8 ways to build a hypothesis testing mind set.

The most successful people I have seen over 40 years of business share one crucial characteristic. Curiosity. The successful are insatiably  curious, it spans all aspects of their lives, not just the parts that are spent working at what pays … Continue reading

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Organised serendipity

At first sight, “Organised” and “Serendipity” are at opposite ends of the scale, almost mutually exclusive. Serendipity occurs by chance, when the stars align, the unexpected happens and not by any organised process, or so we are led to believe. … Continue reading

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3 core questions of strategy.

Often I find myself engaged in conversations with those running small businesses who believe they have discovered the next  big thing, the idea that will change the world, or at  least their business. It can be  as simple as a … Continue reading

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The corruption sideshow

The joint is in a mess. Every time you look at the news, there is another “revelation” of dodgy morality, insider dealings, political duck-shoving and just plain corruption. Greed has become the magnet in our moral compass, and to compete, … Continue reading

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Where is the ‘Why”

For 35 years as a corporate  manager and consultant I have been an advocate of, amongst other things, personal accountability, marketing ROI, extensive use of data in decision-making but without eliminating the wisdom of individuals who have “been there, done … Continue reading

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Why do you Trust?

Trust is a word that keeps on coming up, everywhere. Increasingly in a complicated world we are looking for those we can trust, to do business with, to have as friends, or just to share a cup of coffee. I … Continue reading

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