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SME Marketing capability gap

  Marketing technology is rapidly taking over from the hit and miss, ad hoc research, customer and prospect management, and  performance measurement practices that  have dominated to date. This is a particularly critical evolution for  small businesses who are generally … Continue reading

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Managing complexity.

I am not a car nut, but as a young bloke, I used to fix my own cars. There was  not much you could not do without a reasonable set of Sidchromes, a block and tackle, mechanical manual, and a … Continue reading

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7 ways to argue constructively

  Debate and argument fills a vital role in all parts of our lives, it is what makes us human, this capacity to be able to think and communicate, rather than just react. For an extended period with two different … Continue reading

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Sporting analogies don’t always work.

Tonight is the first Origin game of 2014, and so  I expect to hear lots of people using sporting analogies  over the next few weeks, particularly football. Sporting analogies abound in business, “A team of champions does not make a … Continue reading

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FMCG conga line rides again

Years ago I worked as a junior marketing bloke for Allied Mills, which became Meadow Lea Foods, then Goodman Fielder. I returned  25 years later as a contractor running a specialist unit of the ingredients  division in a pre-sale “polish-up” … Continue reading

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6 Steps in Managing Serendipity

“Serendipity” .  Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Websters Dictionary. My old Dad used to say “Son, the harder I work, the luckier I get” and it has usually worked … Continue reading

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Data, context and lies

As great an advocate of analytics as I am, it remains a truth that data without a context is useless. It is in the articulation of  the context that data is given meaning, and it is at this point that … Continue reading

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