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Barbed wire networking

Man has always found ways to communicate, Social media is not new, it is just the tools we are using today are upgrades of those we used yesterday. Alex Bell patented the telephone in 1876, after many inventors had played … Continue reading

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6 ingredients for SME success

The post on the 2 tools SME’s need ¬†in early August¬† led to a comment that, whilst the headlines of focus and discipline made sense, the challenge is in implementation. Fair comment. So, how do you build the needed focus … Continue reading

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“Design” is a verb

Design is often used as a noun, “I will do a design for you” is common. However, when you think about it, design is not just a thing, an end product, it is a process of moving from an idea, … Continue reading

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Design doing

Steve Blank is one of the real thinkers in the innovation space who gets out there into the weeds and gets stuff done. The illustration at the top of this post is one from a recent post on his blog … Continue reading

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6 challenges (and 3 rules) of content creation

The single biggest stumbling block I see to successful digital marketing is not the technology, or the money, desire, or need, it is simply the unwillingness or inability to create relevant, engaging content of value that suits the context in … Continue reading

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Future of Urban Agriculture

  How we deliver good quality food and water to an urbanised and growing population around the world is the challenge of the 21st century. We have gone from a largely subsistence existence to a highly urbanised one in 200 … Continue reading

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9 thoughts for SME’s on Friday 13th.

  Walk under any ladders yet? It seemed appropriate to have a think about some of the silly superstitions that infest the world of marketing, and proffer a view about the reality. “The internet will never be a good marketing … Continue reading

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