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Anatomy of a demand chain.

  This is a far longer post than normal, motivated by some very sensible feedback from the previous post. Bear with me. The “tools” that add value to management of any supply chain, playing a role in the transformation into … Continue reading

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“Generosity” management

For a long time now I have advocated the notion that to get something back, you first need to put something in. Time, effort, knowledge, care, whatever. What you put in is less important that that simple act of being … Continue reading

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Unheralded visionaries unite.

Very few people have heard of Douglas Engelbart, who died on July 4, but it was he that thought up much of the stuff we accept as normal, every day tools and devices. His relative obscurity is in stark contrast … Continue reading

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Big Bang day.

20 years ago yesterday, April 30 1993, CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear research, the developer of what has become the W.W.W. announced that they would open it up, making it free to all by posting the codes on what … Continue reading

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Cognitive productivity.

At a simple level, cognitive productivity is just using the brainpower at your disposal to deliver the optimum outcome, weather that brainpower be resident between your ears, or between the collective ears of many in a group. However, it is … Continue reading

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How organisations think

Well, they can’t, not without people. It is the people who think, then act to get stuff done via organisational processes. It does not matter if you are BHP, or a two person  consultancy, it works the same way. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Lean accounting. An SME manufacturing lifeline?

Manufacturing SME’s in this country (Australia) are under severe pressure, particularly in heavily trade exposed industries like food manufacturing. Yesterday, Windsor Farms  was put into administration, a month ago, Rosella went the same way and is currently being liquidated in … Continue reading

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The failure report

How often do we hear that we learn more from our failures than our successes, that if we do not fail sometimes, we have not done enough, and that an innovative, exciting culture embraces failure? Thomas Watson Senior, creator of … Continue reading

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Return on management.

We measure return on the capital investments we make, there is an extensive, well understood, widely used set of tools that offer a framework for the calculations, most of us would be lost without them. However, whilst we all know … Continue reading

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