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Managements single greatest failure

Many years ago, pre-digital,  I gave time to a sales rep who rang up and promised to bring in some samples of brand new products from Europe that had changed the dynamics of the market segments they were in. I … Continue reading

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Small businesses biggest problem

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, from the one person micro business working out of their garage, to the largest multinational. To call it “Lifeblood” sounds like a cliché, but  the thing about clichés is that generally they … Continue reading

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Shakespeare invented Twitter!

Willy said many things that have been repeated, and repeated over the years, nuggets of truth that resonate today, may of which have a place in management thinking. “Be great in act, as you are in thought” “In time we … Continue reading

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The idea muscle

We all know instinctively that with exercise, we get better. Running, jumping, swimming, all that stuff makes us fitter, healthier, but it takes time and effort, and we are all busy. Busy doing what?  Besides, running is boring, sweaty, and bad … Continue reading

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14 Marketing Trends for 2014

It may be a bit later in January than most blog posts prognosticating about the coming year, but at least they are different from the pack, so here goes.. Simple is the new complicated.  All the conversations about social media, … Continue reading

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A mark out of 10

In a post in January last year, I made 10 predictions for 2013. In the interests of accountability, it is reasonable to see how I went. So, here goes: Marketing is digital and personal, mass marketing is dead! As with … Continue reading

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Do’s and don’ts of the seasonal strategic “itch”

  Just before Christmas, in an unusually hot and humid period, I was attacked by “mossies” while sleeping. The blighters feasted on my left shoulder, leaving a very itchy area. So what you ask, and fair enough to wonder at … Continue reading

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