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Design doing

Steve Blank is one of the real thinkers in the innovation space who gets out there into the weeds and gets stuff done. The illustration at the top of this post is one from a recent post on his blog … Continue reading

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Contrarian strategy

The complexity of the world these days demands an approach to strategy that is counter intuitive, perhaps even a contrarian approach to the accepted best practice. For decades managers have sweated and planned, and set out to execute, just to … Continue reading

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7 ways to argue constructively

  Debate and argument fills a vital role in all parts of our lives, it is what makes us human, this capacity to be able to think and communicate, rather than just react. For an extended period with two different … Continue reading

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Risk and A/B testing

As a marketer, I am fairly left brain oriented, some may say flakey and opinionated, and I have done well with that for many years. Here is the paradox. You can now test just about everything if you try hard … Continue reading

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2014, better or different

Its the  new year, 2014, January 6 to be exact, and I have been ruminating on the “List” every blogger accumulates and publishes early in January in the hope that they get noticed, and build some momentum for the year. All … Continue reading

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To be better, you also have to be different.

Recognising better is really hard when all offerings in the market appear similar. It follows then that you also must be different. This brings in another challenge, being different is not enough, you also have to deliver. Being different just … Continue reading

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Design thinking: wasted hype?

Perhaps unfortunately I was on the receiving end of a rant about design thinking last week. It was a  passionate, articulate, and informed rant, but a rant nevertheless. There is no doubt in my mind that design thinking is a … Continue reading

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Simplifying innovation

Innovation takes up a lot of my time, and whilst successfully bring a new product to market is a huge task, challenging as it does all sorts of personal, organisational and financial barriers, it can nevertheless be broken down into … Continue reading

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Paradox of marketing automation.

We are rushing headlong towards automating the marketing process, everything from the call centre systems to advanced automation like Marketo and others. However, we are social animals, and no matter how much we set out to automate, you simply cannot replace … Continue reading

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Defining the future of agriculture

Most of the really great innovation that happens has as a core component, a re-definition of what the future should look like. From Orville and Wilbur Wright, to Henry Ford, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, the words they used  explained … Continue reading

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Digital freedoms.

Digital technology has offered all of us an astounding range of opportunities to challenge and interact with our social environment, creating as we go. Gary Hamel has summarised them into a “5 C” list,: Contribution Connection Creation Choice Challenge. You … Continue reading

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How to herd cats.

  Everyone knows herding cats is impossible, right? Quite often this is a metaphor used to apply to NGO’s and voluntary organisations, bureaucracies, particularly local government, farmers, and children. Getting them to one place, at one time, in an organised … Continue reading

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Top 11 tasks for Small businesses.

As I talk to small businesses, there is a very common set of things they should all be doing, remarkably common. So here they are: Doing what they currently do 10% better. Even if what they are doing is sub-optimal, … Continue reading

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Fire yourself.

Small business owners work harder, and often take home less than their employed peers. I see this all the time, again and again, in all sorts of contexts. Ever wondered why? In my experience, most go into business because they … Continue reading

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“Generosity” management

For a long time now I have advocated the notion that to get something back, you first need to put something in. Time, effort, knowledge, care, whatever. What you put in is less important that that simple act of being … Continue reading

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Real entrepreneurs never come.

  Public programs are great, they redistribute the largess of success to the less successful or fortunate via taxes. Every civilised society has some, of varying value, but necessary none the less. Public entrepreneurial programs are a bit different, despite … Continue reading

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