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What matters?

  One of the most common questions I get is how you get away from competing on price. A couple of things are common in the situation that leads to the question: Someone else has control of the value chain. … Continue reading

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Word of mouth is not free

This morning a friend was telling me about a product he had used recently, and how it changed his life. Well, made a small piece of it better at least. Next time I am looking for a product in that … Continue reading

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Why do you Trust?

Trust is a word that keeps on coming up, everywhere. Increasingly in a complicated world we are looking for those we can trust, to do business with, to have as friends, or just to share a cup of coffee. I … Continue reading

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4 requirements of “Connection”

A pilot program I have been recently  involved with, setting out to  assist the evolution of a” Sydney Harvest” brand of local produce has not delivered the results hoped for. After years of agitation by produce growers in the Sydney … Continue reading

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Give Charman Stone a medal.

The decision by the federal Government not to support SPC  last week has opened a can of worms. This time, the worms have some grunt, as the head worm, Charman Stone has shone a light into the corners of the … Continue reading

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Lessons from SPC

Once the dust has settled, political mud-slinging completed, recriminations done, and blame been allocated over yesterdays decision by the Government not to support SPC Ardmona to the tune of $25 million, which would have triggered another $25 mill from the … Continue reading

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“Collective clarity” and “alignment” are different beasts

In some circumstances, “collective clarity” may be a synonym for alignment, but in others it is an entirely different beast.  Currently I am involved in a project that aims to bring together a small group of specialist growers and retailers … Continue reading

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