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“Design” is a verb

Design is often used as a noun, “I will do a design for you” is common. However, when you think about it, design is not just a thing, an end product, it is a process of moving from an idea, … Continue reading

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10 rules for small retailers to out-compete chains

Chain stores dominate our grocery shopping environment, they have developed all the advantages of scale, and use them to the advantage of their shareholders, by delivering returns, and to customers by delivering low prices. The model works, in Australia 75% … Continue reading

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9 thoughts for SME’s on Friday 13th.

  Walk under any ladders yet? It seemed appropriate to have a think about some of the silly superstitions that infest the world of marketing, and proffer a view about the reality. “The internet will never be a good marketing … Continue reading

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1 social media tool for maximum impact.

  There are many contenders for the most effective social media too around, and just as many promoters. “Email marketing” and “Content marketing” usually occupy the first and second places, but to my mind are one and the same. Email … Continue reading

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Sporting analogies don’t always work.

Tonight is the first Origin game of 2014, and so¬† I expect to hear lots of people using sporting analogies¬† over the next few weeks, particularly football. Sporting analogies abound in business, “A team of champions does not make a … Continue reading

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8 ways to build a hypothesis testing mind set.

The most successful people I have seen over 40 years of business share one crucial characteristic. Curiosity. The successful are insatiably¬† curious, it spans all aspects of their lives, not just the parts that are spent working at what pays … Continue reading

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Complete me

“You complete me” a really cheesy line, made famous by the Jerry Maguire movie, but relevant elsewhere. Communication devices have exploded over the last decade, most of us now have multiple tools by which to communicate, but just how well … Continue reading

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