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21st century innovation.

When one of the giants of industry, in this case, General Electric, takes a position on a topic, and supports that position not just with money and commitment, but sets out to persuade anyone who will listen to adjust their … Continue reading

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Australia Day reconsidered.

Amidst all the public utterances on Australia Day by elected representatives keen to be seen  for a moment on the tele, in print, or lauded in the blogosphere, calling for a wiser, more compassionate, considerate, and outward thinking Australia, ….. … Continue reading

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Marketing & Demand Chain Transparency

The retailer Patagonia has as a part of its corporate values a reverence for the environment, it is a core part of their corporate values, and highly relevant to their target market. They wear their hearts on their electronic sleeves … Continue reading

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Green business initiatives of 2010.

The “green revolution” may be denied by many, failing in the Parliament, and not engaging consumers as their utilities bills increase, but it is happening around us anyway. The world is greening, despite the best efforts of many to avoid … Continue reading

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The 2 parts of innovation.

Usually discussion about innovation focuses on the new stuff, the things that have, or need to change to deliver a changed outcome. During a discussion recently about “green electricity” in Australia, specifically solar power, it struck me that the costs … Continue reading

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Peak oil?

We are pretty familiar with the notion of “Peak Oil” the point at which the consumption of oil is greater than the rate of discovering new sources, giving us a doomsday outcome at a calculatable point in the future, but … Continue reading

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Changing the climate game.

The current debate, such as it is in Australia in relation to climate change, is all about the sort of tax regime that is required, and the need to change peoples behavior, and thus their attitudes. What all this misses … Continue reading

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Where should responsibility lie??

Increasingly it would appear that Australians are prepared to sit back and leave the social problems we have to government to solve, and in the process are becoming increasingly cynical about the ability of governments to make any positive difference … Continue reading

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Who holds the oil can?

The disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico will generate a welter of written material, both legal and managerial as the causes, responsibilities and therefore liabilities get sorted out, and those responsible seek to put in place a set … Continue reading

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Bill Gates goes nuclear.

Largely we agree that there is a problem with the production of CO2, and that we need to do something, the argument is about what, when, how much, and who is paying. It is a bit like insurance, you pay … Continue reading

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Supermarkets greening?

  Trader Joes in the US is not a huge chain, but they are one of the ones to watch to see what the others will be doing in the future. Joes has a rich history of being different, and … Continue reading

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The strategic reality of climate change.

The emerging reality of the emerging “carbon economy” irrespective of the regulatory regime that emerges is not only an operational and regulatory management issue, but a strategic one because of its potential to create and destroy asset value. Over time, … Continue reading

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Moore’s law finds other uses.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, used a graph 40 years ago to predict the rate of growth in IT capacity by stating his belief that the number of transistors that could be put onto a chip would double every two years. … Continue reading

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