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Energy, Innovation, technical capability, and common sense.

It seems to me that the most important emerging driver of success in the economy that must drive innovation and value delivery, is the intersection of technical capability and power generation. Oil has driven the geo politics of the C … Continue reading

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Have we lost it?

Until I was about 10 years old, I lived in a little cottage at North Avalon, and used to walk to primary school through the sandhills, along the beach, then to  school, and back. It sometimes took longer than it … Continue reading

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Defining the future of agriculture

Most of the really great innovation that happens has as a core component, a re-definition of what the future should look like. From Orville and Wilbur Wright, to Henry Ford, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, the words they used  explained … Continue reading

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4 Challenges of Urban agriculture.

As our cities continue to suck people off the land, and grow bigger, swallowing adjacent farm land, we face the challenge of how we feed ourselves into the future. It may not be a problem now, or in 5 years, … Continue reading

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The cloud grows on trees

Talking about “the cloud” is common around the BBQ’s I go to, (pass another beer please, the sausages need turning). However, it seems few of my verbal combatants have any idea that the cloud, is, somehow, in fact, an industrial … Continue reading

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Marketing problem of the climate debate.

Marketing is all about defining the problem we want to solve, poor definition leads to poor analysis and solution implementation. In the climate “debate” to give it more credit that it deserves, we have absolutely failed to include the capital … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing electricity

On March 14, IPART, the NSW Utility regulator made public a decision that put a price of 6-8 cents for energy exported to the grid, compared to the current cost of 30-44 cents for any power consumed from the grid. … Continue reading

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