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10 rules for small retailers to out-compete chains

Chain stores dominate our grocery shopping environment, they have developed all the advantages of scale, and use them to the advantage of their shareholders, by delivering returns, and to customers by delivering low prices. The model works, in Australia 75% … Continue reading

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Greatest marketing mistake

  One of the most memorable, and biggest mistakes I made as a young product manager was to redesign a pack. The product was an old fashioned, relatively low value product on supermarket shelves, it had a small niche to … Continue reading

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Everyone is in Marketing & Sales!

We all know¬† the world of sales has changed. Consumers now have virtually all the information they need to make a purchase choice without any assistance from a “sales assistant”. Before a significant purchase, consumers now review all sorts of … Continue reading

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Outcome defining metaphors

Marketing is about telling stories, engaging people with them, which builds awareness, affinity, preference, and with luck, persistence, and good management, can lead to a transaction, or two. Metaphors, when well used can make a complicated point in a memorable … Continue reading

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7 ways to argue constructively

  Debate and argument fills a vital role in all parts of our lives, it is what makes us human, this capacity to be able to think and communicate, rather than just react. For an extended period with two different … Continue reading

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Show the value

Fountain Tomato Sauce used to be the market leader in NSW, daylight was second and third. This was a long time ago, and responsibility for the Fountain brand was my first real job as a product manager who had real … Continue reading

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Socialised branding

Building brands has always been the core of successful marketing efforts, and by comparison to what it is now, it used to be simple. Do a bit of market research, make stuff, generate distribution, throw money at advertising, generate volume, … Continue reading

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