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Anatomy of a demand chain.

  This is a far longer post than normal, motivated by some very sensible feedback from the previous post. Bear with me. The “tools” that add value to management of any supply chain, playing a role in the transformation into … Continue reading

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The 1,000th StrategyAudit post.

  The first post on this “StrategyAudit” blog was on March 30, 2009, and I wondered at the time if there would be a second. Where were the ideas going to come from? Would I have the discipline to just … Continue reading

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Marketing is measurement, is marketing.

  Most of the best marketers I have worked with had a common strand of DNA. They were professionally trained, and came to marketing via their science, engineering, or maths training, for a variety of reasons. Took me a long … Continue reading

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Digital policy “Snafu”

  Governments and their regulation centric thought processes always lag the digital developments that are accelerating in our world. Typically, they are regulating to close the barn door well after the horse is across the paddock, and failing to consult … Continue reading

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5 rules for FMCG category marketing

I am old enough to remember doing warehouse withdrawals by hand. Heavens. Then we had early data managers automate the process, an evolution that pottered on for 25 years, through  to category management based on scan data, some of which … Continue reading

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Is content the chicken to SEO’s egg?

  Creating content, the stuff that engages people, preferably customers, potential customers, and influencers of these two groups people (otherwise why are you doing it?) is a real challenge, but one that successful use of social media demands is addressed. … Continue reading

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Maths +Assumptions = Algorithm

I have been intrigued by the differances in material delivered to my inbox, when compared to a colleagues inbox, using the same search terms.   Our lives are run by algorithms, every time we log on, our history, and assumptions based … Continue reading

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