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Contrarian strategy

The complexity of the world these days demands an approach to strategy that is counter intuitive, perhaps even a contrarian approach to the accepted best practice. For decades managers have sweated and planned, and set out to execute, just to … Continue reading

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Conferences are for marketing.

  Few things are more important than how we feed ourselves, and get access to clean water. Without these, our species will not survive,  our numbers are increasing rapidly, as the resources of the planet, particularly available water, are being … Continue reading

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Content marketing, and marketing content

  Have you created the best content you can, original, insightful, and engaging, that demonstrates your domain knowledge, but it goes nowhere? No impact, no interest, even your friends do not read it. It is a bit like throwing a … Continue reading

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10 questions for a Customer Value Audit.

Customer Value has almost become a cliché, often trotted out to cover the lack of real marketing insight. Effective articulation of customer value, and the business model and processes to deliver it remains  at the core of those businesses that … Continue reading

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Show the value

Fountain Tomato Sauce used to be the market leader in NSW, daylight was second and third. This was a long time ago, and responsibility for the Fountain brand was my first real job as a product manager who had real … Continue reading

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FMCG conga line rides again

Years ago I worked as a junior marketing bloke for Allied Mills, which became Meadow Lea Foods, then Goodman Fielder. I returned  25 years later as a contractor running a specialist unit of the ingredients  division in a pre-sale “polish-up” … Continue reading

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4 point strategic rural reality check

There is plenty in the press about the role agriculture will play in the post mining boom era. “Asia’s foodbowl” and other such optimistic clichés get front page coverage. I have been sitting in Armidale (NSW) for a few days, … Continue reading

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