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3 points to measure e-marketing productivity.

When looked at from the “helicopter perspective ” there seems to be three points of threshold competitive activity that you simply have to get right, or all else is irrelevant. Having a few meaningful measures at those three points is … Continue reading

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6 strategies to be successful, in everything

  In life, and all its aspects, business, social , relationships, there are no shortcuts, just easier and simpler ways of doing things. It is just that it takes time and effort to find the easier, more productive, and value … Continue reading

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Emotion is the path to your brain.

Think of the average presentation you sit through. If I can summarise: Boring, potentially useful information quickly forgotten. Am I right? Now think of  the best presentation you have ever sat through. You remember not just the occasion, and the … Continue reading

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Marketing recidivism

The word recidivism is usually heard in the context of those convicted and punished, going on to re-offend. The objective is to reduce the rate, ideally to zero. Not in the context of marketing and sales, where the objective is … Continue reading

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Intersection of sales, marketing and technology

  18 years ago running an ingredient supplier to the food industry as a contractor, I sponsored a project of quantifying a range of ingredient specifications against a matrix of  organoleptic, and cost outcomes given a range of processing parameters. … Continue reading

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5 ways small retailers avoid failure

Small retailers see themselves as under siege, and many just hunker down and work harder to survive, for many, it is too hard. For those that survive, some are doing really well, and there seems to be a few common … Continue reading

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7 essential sales tips for SME’s

Most of us recognise that the best sales lead you have is a satisfied existing customer, so why do SME’s so often fail to capitalise on them?. It seems to me that there are a number of reasons, usually they … Continue reading

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