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Not deciding is to decide.

Ever put off a difficult decision? asked for more information that you know will not change the outcome? shuffled the responsibility elsewhere? Most of us have, at one time or another, but we generally tell ourselves that we delayed the … Continue reading

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Productivity increase = Wealth creation

The maths are simple, do more with less, and you have more left over at the end. Productivity is not just something you aim for in the factory, the opportunities to do more with less areĀ  everywhere, in every activity … Continue reading

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The “Duck” story for 2013.

How often have I heard the phrase ” he needs to get his ducks in a row before he can progress”, or some variation thereof. Often, and most recently yesterday, as a reason that less than expected progress had been … Continue reading

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Negotiating with context and anchoring

We all negotiate every day, from the small mundane things in our lives to once in a decade decisions. Two simple considerations play a key role in the outcome: 1. Controlling the environment in which the negotiation takes place, and … Continue reading

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Seeing the real cause

How often do we get sidetracked by several possible causes of an adverse or unexpected outcome? In the course of doing a fair bit of process improvement work over the years, one of the really successful strategies I have used … Continue reading

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An Apple supply chain pivot?

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO has just come out and announced that Apple will restart manufacturing in the US, starting with an unnamed Mac computer model, some time in the near future. The driver of “offshoring” to sources of cheap … Continue reading

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Marketing is demand generation

Sales forecasting is a common activity, you need to know how much revenue is going to be generated in the coming months. Usually it is done by sales, usually by a straight extrapolation with a few adjustments, and the only … Continue reading

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