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Defining the future of agriculture

Most of the really great innovation that happens has as a core component, a re-definition of what the future should look like. From Orville and Wilbur Wright, to Henry Ford, Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, the words they used  explained … Continue reading

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Marketing debt.

  I have just been a part of a post investment review with a client, looking at what a significant investment in capital equipment has delivered, compared to the planned outcomes, that underpinned the Capex. Not a pretty sight, and … Continue reading

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Choose your customers

The sorts of customers you have play a significant role in defining who you are. A former client had a customer base that valued the hands on, custom design, and short supply chain they offered on their packaging component  items. That … Continue reading

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Engaging sales people.

I found myself in a heated debate last week with a headhunter about the value, and challenges of SME’s outsourcing the hiring of employees, particularly salespeople. Her view: SME owners are so time constrained that anything not “core” to success … Continue reading

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Cognitive productivity.

At a simple level, cognitive productivity is just using the brainpower at your disposal to deliver the optimum outcome, weather that brainpower be resident between your ears, or between the collective ears of many in a group. However, it is … Continue reading

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Blurring lines between manufacturing, capability, and imagination.

Manufacturing is  not just an amalgam of industries, far more importantly, it is a capability, a way to capture imagination in a physical form. In discussions about manufacturing, its slow demise in Australia, the level and type of support it … Continue reading

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Failing is not the same as failure.

It is often said that for successful innovation to occur, you must be prepared to” fail often, fail cheap”. Early testing and prototyping speeds up innovation cycle times, the longer a project proceeds with issues  unnoticed or unfixed, the harder … Continue reading

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