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Toyota’s tent joins Ford and GM in the boot.

  As a little kid, the milkman used to deliver from a horse drawn cart. Even then, in the mid fifties it was outmoded, almost rustic, but endlessly engaging for a 5 year old boy. Much later, I was the … Continue reading

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StrategyAudit’s second law of SME success

Scaleable. My world is SME’s, helping them to be more profitable, more commercially sustainable, more accountable,  by being focused on customers and their own processes and priorities. The outcome is that most successfully remain SME’s, avoiding the many death traps … Continue reading

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Give Charman Stone a medal.

The decision by the federal Government not to support SPC  last week has opened a can of worms. This time, the worms have some grunt, as the head worm, Charman Stone has shone a light into the corners of the … Continue reading

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Some non PC views on Holden

Amongst all the emotional rhetoric and dubious numbers being visited upon us by various interest groups and pollies after the announcement by GM that they will be folding their tents, there seems to be very little sensible analysis of the … Continue reading

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Design thinking: wasted hype?

Perhaps unfortunately I was on the receiving end of a rant about design thinking last week. It was a  passionate, articulate, and informed rant, but a rant nevertheless. There is no doubt in my mind that design thinking is a … Continue reading

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Reality is visual

I had a post prepared for this morning, relating to the evolution of “local” agriculture, specifically around Sydney. However, the events of the weekend, the burning of Sydney’s surrounding bushland, including several of the farms of those I have been … Continue reading

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Thinking “Lean” is instinctive.

  It is amazing how people adopt to “lean” instinctively, without any planning, or knowledge of the cliches and tools spruiked by consultants (including myself). People are pretty sensible when left to themselves, they do not build waste into a … Continue reading

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