How can you do it to yourself???


Shoot foot

I just had another of those really, really annoying phone calls from a call centre, and being a marketer, I cringed with shame and frustration.

After I answered, it took probably 5 seconds for the person on the other end to answer me (memo call centre managers: this is just crapppola!!)

He was probably a nice young man, just trying to make a living in difficult circumstances in, well, it was not Australia, so his first language was not English, it may not have been his second either, so it was challenging understanding him.

He had a script, yes, scripts are a necessary tool, but do not easily allow the flexibility to cope with anything other than an utterly “vanilla” conversation, and those would be as rare as a cat in a doghouse. He clearly was under instructions not to vary from the script, but to respond to anything other than my script predicted comments with “yes, thank you Mr Roberts” and then, back to the script without a pause.

At least he got the name right.

I could go on, but the point is, why would somebody trying to sell me something waste their money so comprehensively?

The possibility that this young man was going to actually engage me in any way with his product let alone extract any money from me, are about as good as my chances of playing Roger Federer in next years Wimbledon final.

Why would any marketer actually pay for this desecration of their brand?

Are they really that stupid?

Unfortunately, the answer must be yes, at least in some cases.

By the way, the product was Funeral insurance, a hard sell in the best circumstances, impossible if you treat the potential customer with contempt.


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