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9 thoughts for SME’s on Friday 13th.

  Walk under any ladders yet? It seemed appropriate to have a think about some of the silly superstitions that infest the world of marketing, and proffer a view about the reality. “The internet will never be a good marketing … Continue reading

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1 social media tool for maximum impact.

  There are many contenders for the most effective social media too around, and just as many promoters. “Email marketing” and “Content marketing” usually occupy the first and second places, but to my mind are one and the same. Email … Continue reading

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Everyone is in Marketing & Sales!

We all know  the world of sales has changed. Consumers now have virtually all the information they need to make a purchase choice without any assistance from a “sales assistant”. Before a significant purchase, consumers now review all sorts of … Continue reading

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Outcome defining metaphors

Marketing is about telling stories, engaging people with them, which builds awareness, affinity, preference, and with luck, persistence, and good management, can lead to a transaction, or two. Metaphors, when well used can make a complicated point in a memorable … Continue reading

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Managing complexity.

I am not a car nut, but as a young bloke, I used to fix my own cars. There was  not much you could not do without a reasonable set of Sidchromes, a block and tackle, mechanical manual, and a … Continue reading

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7 ways to argue constructively

  Debate and argument fills a vital role in all parts of our lives, it is what makes us human, this capacity to be able to think and communicate, rather than just react. For an extended period with two different … Continue reading

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Energy, Innovation, technical capability, and common sense.

It seems to me that the most important emerging driver of success in the economy that must drive innovation and value delivery, is the intersection of technical capability and power generation. Oil has driven the geo politics of the C … Continue reading

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