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3 Elements of the perfect website.

On several occasions last week I found myself frustrated that I could  not find a piece of information I needed on a website, I knew it had to be there somewhere, it is just that someone had  effectively if inadvertently … Continue reading

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Socialised branding

Building brands has always been the core of successful marketing efforts, and by comparison to what it is now, it used to be simple. Do a bit of market research, make stuff, generate distribution, throw money at advertising, generate volume, … Continue reading

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3 steps to Lead conversion

Creating a lead is a whole world of work and pain for many business people, followed by another, converting the lead into a transaction. Too often I see the process followed as an aggressive “close at all costs” mentality. That … Continue reading

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The 3 second test of a website.

When my kids were young, stuff always headed towards the floor. If it happened to be a piece of bread, it always landed buttered side down, so we had the “3 second test” Story to the kids was that it … Continue reading

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Compelling data on what next.

Mitch Joel may have flogged his Twist Image agency to WPP, but hopefully he keeps on writing his blog and alerting us to terrific stuff like this presentation Winners and Losers in the Digital age,  by Scott Galloway. Read the … Continue reading

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Data, context and lies

As great an advocate of analytics as I am, it remains a truth that data without a context is useless. It is in the articulation of  the context that data is given meaning, and it is at this point that … Continue reading

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Top 11 tasks for Small businesses.

Originally posted on StrategyAudit:
As I talk to small businesses, there is a very common set of things they should all be doing, remarkably common. So here they are: Doing what they currently do 10% better. Even if what they…

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