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The idea muscle

We all know instinctively that with exercise, we get better. Running, jumping, swimming, all that stuff makes us fitter, healthier, but it takes time and effort, and we are all busy. Busy doing what?  Besides, running is boring, sweaty, and bad … Continue reading

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Marketing flatulence

Every day I get stuff by email that purports to make me some sort of compelling offer, something that some dill out there kids himself (herself?) that I need. It often starts: Dear Alan (wrong spelling) I am the CEO … Continue reading

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Return on Humans

Most business leaders are familiar with the notion of return on capital, funds invested, etc, and those same leaders often say something along the lines of “our people are our  most important asset” weather they believe it of r not, … Continue reading

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Advertising for boring products

Low interest and confronting categories present problems for marketers. It is relatively easy to generate interest in a new beer, a car, fashion item, but what about insurance, toilet cleaner, and petrol? Typically we frame communications in the context of … Continue reading

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Pizza brand leveraging

Perhaps following on from the success of McDonalds “Angus” strategy, Domino’s has launched a “Wagyu Pizza” for our indulgence. I like a pizza as much as the next bloke, but it is not one of the major food groups, just … Continue reading

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Expectation power

Hugh Mackay once told me as a young marketer something I have never forgotten: “Allen, attitudes follow behavior, so work to change behavior, and attitudes will follow” . He went on to give several examples to convince me that the … Continue reading

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14 Marketing Trends for 2014

It may be a bit later in January than most blog posts prognosticating about the coming year, but at least they are different from the pack, so here goes.. Simple is the new complicated.  All the conversations about social media, … Continue reading

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