The “Santa” brand.

santa is dead
It is Christmas day, my adult children are off doing stuff, my wife is working for the man, so I am left with my thoughts, the prospect of a late, and very big lunch, accompanied by perhaps a few too many sherbets, and this blog.
It seems to me that the basic purpose of Christmas is to provide an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of family and the relationships that exist in our lives. However, we have been hi-jacked by commerce, self interest and marketing at its most venal.
Christmas has become a commercial day, even my Jewish friends get caught up in the frenzy, and I am almost ashamed to admit, I have no Muslim friends with whom I have felt sufficiently comfortable to have a philosophical discussion about Christmas, and the personification, indeed branding of it as” Santa Day”.
So, hug your kids, embrace your friends, smile, and remember that it is us that has allowed Santa to become a brand, so it can also be us that steps above the commerce and get back to the real meaning.
Merry Christmas, and thanks for engaging with my variable musings throughout the 5 years of this blog, I hope to have scratched your brain from time to time.

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