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Don’t be boring!!

  So much of life is boring, the same, dull, unemotional, repetitive,  unimaginative, and missable crap….please miss me!!. About the most boring, pointless and annoying  “presentations” I have ever seen, are the safety announcements on planes before take-off. Bbllllaaahhhhhh. Who … Continue reading

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Value transformation in agriculture

The agricultural supply chain that has dominated the way we get our food has evolved as a fragmented, opaque series of transactions that occur to fill the gap between the producer and the consumer. Many of these transactions add no … Continue reading

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8 Sales prospect categories

Automation of the marketing and sales “funnel” has many productivity advantages, so long as the implementation of the software works, which is always harder than the smiling assurances of the automation salespeople would indicate. However, there is one benefit that … Continue reading

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