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4 Challenges of Urban agriculture.

As our cities continue to suck people off the land, and grow bigger, swallowing adjacent farm land, we face the challenge of how we feed ourselves into the future. It may not be a problem now, or in 5 years, … Continue reading

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An Authority or In Authority.

How often have you been in a position of trying to get something done in the face of an illogical or  bureaucratic impediment ? It is enormously frustrating,   Authority being exercised. On the other hand when faced with complexity, ambiguity, or … Continue reading

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3 foundations of demand chain success

  Creating a demand chain out of an environment forged by a competitive and opaque supply chain mentality is no small task. This change is particularly challenging in agriculture where there is considerable regulatory and interest group oversight and thousands … Continue reading

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Marketing debt.

  I have just been a part of a post investment review with a client, looking at what a significant investment in capital equipment has delivered, compared to the planned outcomes, that underpinned the Capex. Not a pretty sight, and … Continue reading

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Digital freedoms.

Digital technology has offered all of us an astounding range of opportunities to challenge and interact with our social environment, creating as we go. Gary Hamel has summarised them into a “5 C” list,: Contribution Connection Creation Choice Challenge. You … Continue reading

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