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Real entrepreneurs never come.

  Public programs are great, they redistribute the largess of success to the less successful or fortunate via taxes. Every civilised society has some, of varying value, but necessary none the less. Public entrepreneurial programs are a bit different, despite … Continue reading

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Mass advertising to direct response.

To talk to consumers, you used to stick an ad on TV, in one of the main mags, on maybe a few radio stations, a shotgun effort informed by some pretty rudimentary demographic data. Then we migrated to the web, … Continue reading

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Unheralded visionaries unite.

Very few people have heard of Douglas Engelbart, who died on July 4, but it was he that thought up much of the stuff we accept as normal, every day tools and devices. His relative obscurity is in stark contrast … Continue reading

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Be proud of price

Price is always a sticky subject. In most cases, sales people have been trained to slide over answering the inevitable, and often first question about price,  until the value of the sales proposition has been established with the potential buyer. … Continue reading

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Thousand word images

  Bob Mankoff is the cartoon editor, or as they probably call it, “Editor of Idea Drawings” of the New Yorker magazine. His TED talk while being about the humour of the New Yorker, is more widely about  what makes … Continue reading

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