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Digital selling cycle.

Look at all the verbiage on the net about content marketing, having a personal brand, being a substantial presence on social media, and all the rest of the stuff. Really it is all about one simple idea, making yourself easy … Continue reading

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Facial recognition marketing.

What will happen when facial recognition is good enough to recognise a person walking into a retail shop, and convey to a device that persons purchase history, returns, sizes, social media mentions and links, and all the rich data that … Continue reading

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Strategy: Where to, not coming from.

  One of the most famous photos ever taken, above, is of the 29 Participants in the 1927 Solvay Physics conference. The astonishing thing is that of the 29, 17 were  Nobel prize winners, lauded busy people, so how did … Continue reading

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Choose your customers

The sorts of customers you have play a significant role in defining who you are. A former client had a customer base that valued the hands on, custom design, and short supply chain they offered on their packaging component  items. That … Continue reading

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Little things count.

Most customers could not give a rats arse about your vision, values, your customer value proposition, and all the other stuff highly paid consultants rant on about (obviously not me). What they do care about are the little things, the … Continue reading

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FMCG Produce marketing tightrope

Coles limited  engagement in an “anti factory farming” campaign is indicative of the strategic and marketing tightrope the food industry in this country is walking. On the one hand we have an effective duopoly of FMCG retailing exercising their power … Continue reading

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How do you know what you do not know?

I was struck by a line in a terrific blog post by Ian Leslie I read that said ” Google can answer almost anything you ask it, but it cannot tell you what to ask”  It is totally counter-intuitive to … Continue reading

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