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A measure of brand maturity.

  Ever noticed that people who seem to “really have it all together” are able to poke fun at themselves, take negative feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve, and surprise with their capacity to be absolutely, selflessly, honest? … Continue reading

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Brand ambiguity will be terminal

In a world of homogenisation, being different is both dangerous and necessary. Standing for something of value  is absolutely essential, ambiguity is death.

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C21 Moments of Truth.

Former CEO of Scandanavian Airlines, Jan Carlzon  write a book in the eighties called “Moments of Truth” which reflected the journey of SAS from its commercial deathbed to being the most admired airline in the world. It was a best … Continue reading

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Social square pegs and round holes

Over the weekend just gone, I was a part of a strategy group setting out to build the marketing plan for an occasional client. There were several guest speakers, one an articulate and persuasive purveyor of what I regarded to … Continue reading

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“Like” means nothing, go for “want”.

Like is too easy, no emotional investment has been made, to do anything useful, you need to move to want. As noted in a previous post, social media wombats, those  clicking a “like” button on your site in the hope … Continue reading

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Relationships, not transactions.

“Relationships” is just a word used to describe the web of give and take that binds people together over time. A transaction can take place without a relationship of any sort. However, a series of transactions that require choices to … Continue reading

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Velocity of ideas

In the economy of C21, we are far less interested in physical stuff that we are in intangibles. A measure that will emerge both as one of internal corporate performance, and the performance of markets is the velocity of ideas. … Continue reading

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