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The more things change………..

Comment on digital media, the opportunities, challenges, and pay-offs  is largely made by people engaged in the business, and they are different. In a previous life, I dealt with a series of advertising agencies in the great days of the … Continue reading

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Corporate imagination and compliance

The interesting and fun bits of our world are driven by the vision, imagination, and execution capabilities of people. Much of the capital and technical capabilities required  to enable these great things to happen are tied up in our corporations, … Continue reading

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Decision discipline

Making decisions is like any other process, you gather relevant information, consider options, look for the optimum outcomes, and decide accordingly. Right? Often wrong. Decisions are often made based on the HiPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion) what was done last … Continue reading

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Invention does not equal Innovation

Much effort, particularly by public bodies, is focused on invention, in the mistaken belief that by inventing, patenting, and just being first to do something new, will lead to some great outcome. Not so. It is a bit like supply … Continue reading

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The art and science of sales

Few would dispute that Da Vinci was a great artist, he created great art and amazing innovations across several mediums, a creative genius. What is often missed is his technical skill, engineering, anatomy, and at a very basic level, his … Continue reading

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The two purposes of productive advertising

“Change behavior, before you try and change attitudes”. These were the wise words delivered to me by Hugh McKay, 30 years ago, and I have never forgotten them, and am constantly reminded as I see people justify something they have … Continue reading

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Value is dependent on context.

Red Bull founder Deitrich Mateshitz  deliberately priced Red Bull, the fizzy, nasty tasting tonic imbibed by would be racing drivers, balloonists, and skateboarders because” it makes them fly,” at 4 times the price of a can of Coke, so no … Continue reading

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