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Time is not on your side

Of all the resources we have, time is truly the only one where there is no chance of technology making it replaceable or renewable. We all know that, so why do we continue to waste it so indiscriminately? Seems to … Continue reading

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Brand babbling

This is a situation where a modest intellect has learned the language, and so can spew out a bunch of marginally related clichés. They  understand some of the obvious stuff, can look at the numbers, and have a superficial understanding … Continue reading

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Context is everything

The way most of us see things is dependent on what we expect to see, and how it affects us. If you were a farmer with a just planted crop, rain is a great day, but if you are about … Continue reading

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Where is the money?

To stay in business we all need to make money today, and we also need to understand where the money will be tomorrow, invest in these future cash generating activities, and sometimes  make adjustments to the business model. These adjustments … Continue reading

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Give a mile, take an inch

We are in an evolving age of flattened, silo-less, collaborative enterprises, where accountability for outcomes is increasingly devolved to those teams and individuals on the “front line”  who carry the responsibility for implementation.  Under these circumstances, the old carrot and … Continue reading

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5 reasons you lost the sale

Sales is a tough job, you win or you lose, with no middle option. Understanding those you lost is the key to improving future performance. Over  30 years of engageing with sales people, managing sales forces, and doing sales training, it seems … Continue reading

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Reputation is a currency.

My 28 year old son recently tried to get a mobile phone on a plan, and couldn’t, he did not have a credit rating. A bit unusual perhaps, but this is a young bloke who has been a self-funded student … Continue reading

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