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Australian Collaborative Gold

Management lessons abound in the great win by Australia’s K4 crew in London. Co-ordination maximises the effect of input. For 1000 meters, the crew was absolutely co-ordinated, any minor deviation by any individual would have had a profound impact on … Continue reading

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3 fixes for Marketing overhead dead-weight

The decades of growth up till a couple of years ago, and the recognition of the key nature of a robust marketing input to corporate success has left many organisations, particularly brand heavy consumer organisations with a marketing overhead problem … Continue reading

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Innovation anti-bodies

Just as we manufacture antibodies in our blood to combat infection, so do enterprises construct antibodies in their cultures to combat risk, change, and therefore innovation. This antibody construction normally happens by default, after all, why change things that have … Continue reading

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No Deviance without deviates

Being different is the guts of innovation, no matter how good, how big (or small) how effective, how cheap, if it is not different, none of the rest will matter a whit. Why is it then, that we have processes … Continue reading

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Negotiation anchoring.

An old mate of mine has only one rule of negotiation “he who mentions price first, loses” Whilst there are other things that contribute to a successful outcome, he is right about the price. Once an expectation of price has … Continue reading

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The real reason Fairfax is stuffed

Whilst I hesitate to add to the plethora of words dedicated to the saga of Fairfax, from the stupidity of “Young Warwick” onwards, it seems to me that there are a couple of points that nobody has made. Consumers of … Continue reading

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Hype or count

I was recently the recipient of one of the slickest presentations I have seen for some time, as the Marketing Manager of a business on whose board I sit employed the full range of his presentation skills on us. It … Continue reading

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