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“Intellectual Capital on demand”.

This is a term coined by Peter Drucker when talking about contract management, particularly in relation to older contractors who bring a wealth of experience and hard won wisdom to the table. Using contractors, particularly high level ones brings a … Continue reading

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Lipstick on the pig

Last week I was talking to a headhunter seeking to fill a senior contract management role for which I had been recommended. I had polished up the resume and sent it as requested, and he had browsed my blog and … Continue reading

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Category management steroids

Data mining as it is evolving in retail is a fascinating exercise in identifying behavior characteristics that apply to very small percentages of the shopper population, and doing something with them. Progressively retailers are getting better at leveraging the data, … Continue reading

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Technical & Creative, + the best ad of all

Today in Sydney has been about as miserable as it gets. Rainy, cold, grey, just plain shitty, and not fair for a public holiday. What a relief it was to find a distracting way to spend the afternoon. After watching … Continue reading

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7 steps to Data Literacy.

Anyone who can read can read a Keats sonnet, but not everyone can “see” the lyrical quality, and feel the passionate introspection most have at their core. Those who can are truly literate in English poetry. Data Literacy, a term … Continue reading

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2 parameters, 5 measures of great process

Robust, repeatable, and easily taught processes are the foundation of good outcomes. It therefore makes sense to consider the factors that separate good processes from poor ones, the effective from the ineffective. The measure of the process has two parameters: … Continue reading

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Bust the mould.

On a flight from a regional town last week, the attendant went through the nonsense of the “safety speech”.  Instructions on how to do up the seat belt as if nobody knows is pretty dumb, but of total irrelevance is … Continue reading

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