Indecision amplified.

I spoke to a few people in Canberra yesterday, curious as to the impact of the Labor leadership cat-fight on the rest of the place.

Whilst I expected it to be the topic of the day, the consensus was that work in the bureaucracy, the implementers of policy, had come to a complete standstill over the last few weeks, and yesterday, started rolling backwards as individuals took the lead from their bosses, and started jockeying for  post cat-fight, and probably post this current “government”, position.

If we ever needed a graphic example of the impact of indecision and conflict at the top, we need look no further.

The worse it has got at the top, the more the impact ripples through the ranks, stopping any sort of sensible conversation, let alone strategy (policy in their terms) implementation. Worse still, the ripples amplify the impact, so the recovery time will be substantial.

The impact of the profound lack of leadership that this power tussle has displayed will be felt for months, probably years. Problem is, we as taxpaying individuals and enterprises are paying through the nose for the privilege of watching this stupid game, as the main game gets totally ignored, and continues down the proverbial slot. 

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