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Assistance hypocrisy

The Federal Government is regularly blackmailed into providing assistance for the Australian car making industry, hundreds of millions on the basis that the industry is strategically important. The real reason is the political poison that closure of a plant causes, … Continue reading

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SOPA nonsense

If you have not yet caught up with SOPA,  the “Stop Online Piracy Act” working its way through the US legislative system, you probably soon will, because if it gets up, the troglodytes in Canberra will pile onto the bandwagon … Continue reading

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Marketing KPI

In the good old days of mass marketing, you could survive in a marketing role, even a senior one, with a pretty generic set of analytical, project management and people management skills. That is no more, just as mass marketing … Continue reading

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Media: Paid or earned?

Marketers have long understand that word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising, now enhanced by social media tools, evolving into the term “word of mouse” to describe the phenomenon. This leads to a further distinction: media … Continue reading

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Another brick ripped from the wall

The wall I refer to is the Australian processed food industry. It is being torn down by the high $A, the strategies of the two retail gorillas who are stocking shelves with housebrands, global sourcing of product, and lack of … Continue reading

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The biggest insult.

Surely in this day and age of total and transparent communication, putting out a contrarian view, and having no-one respond is the greatest insult we can make. Putting out a view that is deliberately contrarian takes guts, as you will … Continue reading

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The disruption of photography

Kodak used to “own” photography, having a massive share of the film market, end to end. No more, Kodak is virtually broke, subject to continuous take-over speculation. The really interesting thing is that one of the assets that makes Kodak … Continue reading

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