11 requirements for Collaboration co-ordinators

Currently, I am in the middle of a project that seeks to find a way to motivate a collaboration between a group of industry and government bodies on a pressing problem. None of these bodies have a culture that welcomes external collaboration, they often seem to have trouble even internally.

In the process  I came up with a list of “must haves” that the  proposed co-ordinating body must take on just to get the prospective collaborators to the table to talk about it.

Any comments, and additions would be welcome

      1. Independence,
      2. Transparency
      3. Plays a catalytic role in the collaboration
      4. Ensures the governance of the collaboration is robust and consistent.
      5. No self interest beyond the role to facilitate the collaboration
      6. Serves as a co-ordinating body for activities,
      7. Serves as the communicator, but without any exclusivity
      8. Serves as the “warehouse” for codified IC
      9. Acts as the dissemination mechanism for IC, and contributions to the process.
      10. The body needs to have the confidence of all stakeholders.
      11. Dispute resolution mechanism




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