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Brand building checklists

Building a brand takes time, resources, and determination, but more importantly, insight. Whilst it is impossible to break insight down into a checklist that is useful for all situations, picking the brains of  experts is always useful, and provides if … Continue reading

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The most important profit centre

Peter Drucker often condensed seemingly complicated concepts into pithy quotes of the blindingly obvious. One I came across the other day is “There is only one profit centre that counts – customers” It seems this statement of the obvious is … Continue reading

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Customer churn and the quality of sales

One of my clients is in a pretty difficult spot. Having lost a major contract, simply on price from an offshore based competitive supplier to his supermarket customer, he finds himself in the position where his overheads will eat him … Continue reading

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A fine line between flattery and robbery

If imitation is the best form of flattery, domestic FMCG suppliers, the few left, should be very flattered indeed. Any lingering doubts about the pressure being applied to them by the two retail gorillas should be blown away by this … Continue reading

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FMCG duopoly under pressure?

It seems that new ACCC chief Rod Sims is getting serious about the reality of the power of the two major supermarket retailers. At the same time, Andrew Reitzer  MD of Metcash is giving the ACCC a headache over his … Continue reading

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Net Cash Consumption

This is a simple measure I try to foist on all my SME clients, the Monday morning “NCC meeting”.  It is just as important to larger businesses, but my clients are mostly SME’s. It involves a meeting of the key … Continue reading

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Amplification and social media effectiveness.

Following on from yesterday’s post, on quantifying the value of social media, a couple of further thoughts. Like any activity, it is crucial to undertake activity utilising social media in the context of achieving an objective,  a commercial activity of … Continue reading

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