A fine line between flattery and robbery

If imitation is the best form of flattery, domestic FMCG suppliers, the few left, should be very flattered indeed.

Any lingering doubts about the pressure being applied to them by the two retail gorillas should be blown away by this video from ad agency Mumbrella, which demonstrates the fine line between flattery and IP stealing.

This has happened in front of our eyes to one of our core manufacturing industries, and when the piper calls to be paid, it will prove to be very expensive indeed. There is so little packaged food manufacturing now being done in Australia that the industry is in real strife, I suspect scale is rapidly falling past the point of viability, and those left are under great pressure.

Perhaps the new ACCC chairman Rod Simms will follow up on his words that seem to indicate a different attitude to the retail duopoly than his predecessors.


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