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“Dad Dancing”

 What a great term, coined by Euan Semple, to describe the phenomenon of older (largely) male senior executives pretending they have “got” social media. Like many others, I spend a lot of time trying to persuade people of the value … Continue reading

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Reference class forecasting

People routinely forecast optimistically, they under-forecast costs, and over-forecast outcomes. We have all seen it happen repeatedly in businesses and the public sector, most of us have seen it on  personal level. Demand planning is the core of effective operational … Continue reading

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SME’s in FMCG in a tight spot.

SME’s in the Australian food industry are up against it if they see their futures as suppliers to the major chains, who require a combination of utter commitment, globally competitive costs, and supply certainty requiring substantial scale and the attendant … Continue reading

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When marketing doesn’t matter

Rubbish you say, marketing always matters. Well, the next time you try and get some sense out of Optus or Telstra when you have anything that does not fit into an easily packaged Q&A form for someone in Bangalore who … Continue reading

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How do I make money from Social Media?

About the most commonly asked question on the net is how to make money,” how do I monetarise this great idea”?. To my mind, it is the wrong question. The right one is “How do I deepen the relationship of … Continue reading

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Playing digital catch-up

Coles & Woolies are starting out to reduce the gap between their marketing practices and those of the trendsetter, Tesco in the UK. I guess this is not surprising given they are both watching Tesco very closely, and Coles management … Continue reading

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The 7 ways to build collaboration

 Sharing “content” is the lifeblood of social media, as well as the older disciplines of collaboration, successful negotiation, leadership, even blue collar engagement on the factory floor. With a bit of tweaking the ideas contained in this post from Social … Continue reading

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