SME’s take heart!

Ask a SME manager in packaged goods, “would you like a phone call from Woolworths ordering stock of your new product for every store in the country?” and you will most likely get a tear with the nodded head.

Enter the “Orabrush” story, they got the call from Walmart without any of the usual begging.

There are many hurdles for SME’s in the packaged goods industry to jump before distribution in the major retailers can be obtained, and then the problems really start, because SME’s lack the resources to move the product off shelf before the trial period runs out.

Social media has helped over the past couple of years, you now have the opportunity to reach highly targeted groups of consumers, and deliver them a message, but generally it has not helped much to get the product on shelf in the first place.

Orabrush really broke the mass market model with a product I still find odd, but great creativity and lateral thinking combined with social media has turned the product into a hit, and can now be found in Walmart stores around the world

Have a look at the Youtube ads in the link, gems.


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1 Response to SME’s take heart!

  1. Lyn says:

    The use of Facebook to direct a message to their target store’s employees was clever, and what a message. .

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