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Organic opportunities abound

On Friday I made a very modest contribution to the proceedings of the Organic and Green trade show in Sydney. A bunch of committed, passionate people, working their collective butts off to build businesses that deliver on the organic promise … Continue reading

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Tesco and social media marketing.

Tesco is the leader in the field of retail social media marketing, as noted in the past, but have really outdone themselves with this experiment  with a virtual store in railway stations in South Korea. The speed at which innovations … Continue reading

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Carbon switcheroo

Last time I bang on  about the anomalies surrounding the carbon tax, promise.  I find it ironic that the party of so called free enterprise is calling for taxpayers to fund all the pain of the necessary adjustments, whilst the … Continue reading

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Brand resurrection

Really good brands often display remarkable resilience to the depredations of those who do not understand what makes a great brand, and from time to time, one is resurrected by insight and hard work. I am not a gardener, but … Continue reading

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Social network cartography

There is a powerful new analytical tool on the block, “social network cartography” for lack of a better term. The masses of data now becoming available are able to be analysed with respect to the networks that exist amongst people. … Continue reading

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