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The “Medici effect”

The astonishing explosion of creativity that occurred in Florence in the 1500’s was precipitated when the Medici family brought together creative people from a range of disciplines, painters, sculptors,  writers, philosophers, mathematicians, architects, engineers, and sparked the renaissance by creating … Continue reading

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Value is relative

A common question every business asks itself regularly, and one with no answer without a detailed understanding of context. Imagine you are in 1990, and someone asked you “how much would you pay for an internet search?” The only logical … Continue reading

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Detailed Specifications and Evolution

An ongoing frustration of innovation projects is the apparently always moving goalposts. How often have you heard “wish marketing would make up their minds what they want” This desire to have the end point articulated at the commencement is natural, … Continue reading

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The big 600

Yesterday I was surprised when I posted the entry having a shot at the crap service Optus offers customers with a problem of their making, and a screen came up telling me it was my 600th post. Amazing to me, … Continue reading

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Speed, effectiveness and waste.

Last week I spent over 2 hours on the phone to Optus trying to fix something they had stuffed up, the third try, after speaking to their techies and emailing the bloke who “signed” a form letter to, thanking me … Continue reading

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To succeed, increase your rate of failure. Bollocks.

The cult of failure, the belief that by failing we succeed, has some very real and adverse consequences if taken literally. It gives excuses to those who would choose to be sloppy in their consideration and preparation of an experiment, … Continue reading

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Emotional mistakes in negotiation.

Negotiation is usually difficult, that is the nature of things when two parties are setting out to maximise their outcome. Whilst it may not be a win/lose situation, where the parties set out to make the pie bigger, or different … Continue reading

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