Carbon switcheroo

Last time I bang on  about the anomalies surrounding the carbon tax, promise. 

I find it ironic that the party of so called free enterprise is calling for taxpayers to fund all the pain of the necessary adjustments, whilst the party representing the left of politics, Socialists in the old language, are imposing a tax to put  a price on something in the reasonable assumption that if the price goes up, usage will go down. Basic Keynesian economics at work. Perhaps it is the work of the National Party whose unspoken wish has always been to capitalise profits, and socialise losses.

The bust of Bob Menzies, sitting outside the Liberal Party headquarters in the leafy Canberra suburb of Barton has probably grown bronze tears since the last time I looked.

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2 Responses to Carbon switcheroo

  1. strategyaudit says:

    Thanks Roger, Climate change is a topic that is very difficult to break down into its component parts, as the mingling is so deep. I do not pretend to be a scientist, just a strategist and commentator, and the strategy used by all sides of the debate sucks.

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