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Politicians God Complex and the carbon tax.

We all understand the “God Complex” the situation where someone proclaims their universal truth about a complex problem. My solution is the right one, no argument!. Problem is that complex problems are really, well,  complex, hard to understand, and there … Continue reading

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Explicit and tacit knowledge in the national accounts

I was struck last month by the blizzard of numbers and alternative views presented as a part of the release of the national accounts. The economy was down, but the floods in QLD and Vic had largely caused the problem … Continue reading

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Socialising branding

Procter & Gamble is a huge branded consumer business, but seems to be able to maintain the agility and innovation capability of an SME. Supermarket retailers have to be nervous when they display a determination to build a direct business … Continue reading

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Branding evolution

There is a new boy on the block to match Colgate, P&G, and other international brand owners,  but one who does not play fair, one who controls access to consumers, removing their options of choice.  Tesco.  A retailer with the … Continue reading

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Brands as patterns

Brands are not uniform things, they are an amalgam of all sorts of contributing factors, patterns of attraction, that together make up an experience. People recognise and relate to brands in a very personal way, and in the age of … Continue reading

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Facebook & Skype, the “twins of free” meet old economy

The fun and games predicted are starting! Facebook has added Skype to its services, in an expanding collaboration with Microsoft , and in response to the competitive threat of to Facebook by Google+ launched recently. This collaboration will not make … Continue reading

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Social media will win the next election.

I’m thinking ahead here, to the next federal election, the one Tony thinks is already on. I suspect the communication mix of this election will be different to those that have gone before, Social Media will play a significant role, … Continue reading

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